German gambling regulator set to distribute fines

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The German gambling regulator, the Deutsches Fußball-Bund (DFB), is ready to start duties on online gaming companies that are not registered with it. The DFB said in a statement on Thursday that it had sent letters to 11 online gaming companies and was in the process of contacting the rest. The DFB said it would impose levies on these companies, starting at 5 percent of their gross gaming revenue and increasing by 0.5 percentage points yearly until they reach 10 percent. The move comes as Germany tries to tighten its grip on gambling following a surge in casino gambling by Germans at foreign operators. According to Reuters data, gambling is a lucrative business, with the global gambling industry estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion.

What is the German Gambling Supervisory Authority?

The German Gambling Supervisory Authority (BDSG) is a new regulator ready to start duties. The BDSG was established on 1 January 2017 as an independent authority responsible for supervising gambling activities in Germany.

The BDSG will have three main tasks: to protect the interests of consumers and prevent fraudulent, misleading or illegal gambling practices; to promote responsible gambling by safeguarding the integrity of gambling markets, and to contribute to the social welfare of society by ensuring that gambling revenues are used responsibly.

How will the GSA work?

The German Gambling Supervision Authority (BDSG) has announced that it is prepared to start its duties as a regulator of the German gambling market. The BDSG will ensure compliance with gaming regulations, investigate potential violations, and punish offenders.

The BDSG was created as part of legislation passed in 2013 that merged the nine regional gambling supervision authorities into one agency. The new regulator is expected to bring more transparency to the German gambling market and help to protect consumers. It is also hoped that the BDSG will provide more competition for the existing operators.

What are its powers?

In recent weeks, the German regulator for gaming and betting, the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), has been finalizing its regulatory framework for online gambling. This framework is expected to be published in the next few weeks and will include a list of powers that the BKA will have when regulating online gambling.

The main power that the BKA will have is blocking websites that are not registered with them. The regulator will also be able to fine companies that are not complying with their regulations and order them to shut down their operations.

What is the GSA’s target group?

The German gaming authority, the GSA, is ready to start its duties as a regulatory body for German gambling. The GSA will have jurisdiction over all forms of gambling in Germany, including land-based and online gambling.

The GSA has stated that it wants to create a “clear and transparent legal environment” for German gambling operators. The agency is also hoping to reduce the number of illegal activities associated with gambling. In addition, the GSA will work to protect the rights of players and prevent underage gambling.

What are its priorities?

The new German gambling regulator, the DBV, announced on Monday that it is ready to start its duties. The DBV is charged with regulating gambling activities in Germany and ensuring that the gaming industry functions within legal bounds. According to the DBV, its top priorities include combating illegal and unregulated gambling, protecting consumer interests, and promoting responsible gambling.


With the new German gambling regulator, things are about to change for the better in the country. The regulator, known as Bundesverband Unterhaltungsindustrie (BVMI), is now ready to start its duties and has already announced that it plans on clamping down on unlawful gambling activities. This includes shutting down casinos and other places where people can gamble with money they don’t have, as well as cracking down on fraudulent sports betting schemes.