Georgia Senate Lawmakers Consider Allowing Casinos

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Even though lawmakers in Georgia have tried to pass legislation that prohibits casinos, the issue continues to present itself on this hot-button topic. Multiple state representatives have promoted the incorporation of casinos and other types of resorts in Georgia. the chairman of Tourism and of the House Economic Development presented two different bills about this issue. These would promote at least two types of resorts and gambling facilities present in Georgia.

Legal sports betting in Georgia would be possible if there are more casinos that offered it available to the public. There are a lot of states that have considered legalizing betting for sports and establishing licensure so that multiple types of facilities could take part in it. This was especially true in Pennsylvania where sports betting has already been passed into legislation with a bill. In Georgia, it seems that sports betting will be a secondary issue after lawmakers address the initial aspects of having casinos and gambling facilities in the state at all.

Not only would establishing a casino or resort facility in Georgia help the local economy, it would provide multiple kinds of employment opportunities and to resume into different parts of the state. The SB 79 initiative would also help create community relief funds for rural care, trauma, hospitals in hard-to-reach areas and other types of services to the public. They would also have fundraisers for the internet being installed in places where it is not presently possible, and for law-enforcement. That is defined in the Hope Scholarship, based on a tradition that is more than 20 years old. Hope, stands for helping outstanding pupils educationally and has assisted more than a million students to attend universities both at public and private technical programs.

Even though there are a lot of benefits to having casinos and resorts throughout Georgia, there is a lot of political aversion to allowing it. Many senators have alternative agendas and find casinos to be a controversial topic. It is also not considered especially favorable amongst politicians which makes it a harder thing to present. On the other hand, Georgia already takes part in gambling with their state lottery and allows easy access to casinos in both North Carolina and Alabama.

Recent polls show that a majority of people who are eligible to vote support casinos and have done so since January of 2017. More than fifty-six percent promote casinos while a minority, thirty-eight percent did not support it. Provide some general evidence, it does not explain the preferences of voters with regards to sports betting. This is definitely an issue that will be forthcoming in the year. Other states have expressed interest in sports betting and other types of gambling legislation. For example, Delaware allows wagering on NFL events as does Mississippi.

Making casinos in Georgia would be an important way to build tourism and establish a lot more initiatives throughout the state. It would help support local causes and can create substantial change in multiple parts of the economy.