Garage Seating To Be Used In Maryland Live Conference Center

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Why The Extra Seating?

Well because there is going to be a lot of extra people visiting there soon, and seating is not all they are going to need. A zoning proposal was recently made for the Maryland Live hotel with a conference center to boot. This would be on the top floor of a parking garage with a large tent covering it, and enough room to seat over a thousand people. Extra parking is also slated to be available soon, though a nearby Costco is protesting the plans. There would then be shuttles to take people from the extra parking lots to the conference itself. The top of the garage would, of course, be covered with a permanent tent.

But What Conference?

All of the families of graduating senior students from high schools across the country are celebrating with graduations and the like. Now a place is trying to be made by officials and the private sector to host such events in Anne Arundel County. This would just be one of many large events that could take place at this new hotel and conference center, attached to the Maryland Live Casino. The developer’s plans are being protested by some, though, including the previous mentioned Costco.

It Is Also A Zoning Issue

Normally, plans like this do not fly in any county or any state for that matter, but this one is different. Anne Arundel County desperately needs a larger venue for various events, and so the local government is working with the developers of Maryland Live to come up with a worthy solution to the few problems they are having.

It Will Serve An Important Purpose

Not only does this county need such a location for larger events, but it really needs it for large graduations. Not only that but the problems that there are can be easily remedied. For one, the extra parking would most likely only be needed a couple of times a year. So Costco might not have that much reason to complain. Not to mention that it will help the local economy greatly because everyone that attends these events will likely go to a local store, gas station or restaurant afterwards. While plans are moving forwards for this proposal, an opening date has not yet been set. When it does open, though, it will have space for 305 hotel rooms, dining room for 257 seats, and more than 8300 square feet of other space. So for the people of Anne Arundel County, it is something to look forward too.

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