Gaming Consoles Used for `More Than Gaming

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Video game consoles like the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 are now multi-functional devices, and it seems that their alternative uses are becoming more popular than their primary use: gaming. According to recent statistics, more and more families are using their gaming devices for more than gaming, watching TV shows and movies more than playing games.

Overall, families are spending more time than ever using their XBOXs, using up 84 hours of leisure time per month. This is a 30% increase of last year’s monthly usage, and it seems that television and movies account for this boost.

“This evolution of Xbox 360’s capacity for providing services other than gaming is crucial competitive with other devices and platforms, especially smartphones, tablets and social networks,” says Steve Bailey of Screen Digest.

With gaming becoming a primary use of smartphones and tablet computers (which support television and movie apps), it is important for consoles to offer competitive services. Families will be more inclined to purchase video game consoles is they know that they offer the ability to do more than just play games.

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