Gambling Operators Target Young Men

Written By Janice Doughtrey

According to a recent report by ABC News, young men are the target of advertising campaigns launched by casino operators from across the country. Men aged 18 to 30 have the most disposable income and seem to be the most likely to want to gambling risks, so operators attempt to appeal to their needs.

Younger men with disposable income have been proven to be a little riskier with their money. As such, they are more likely to gambling, as there isn’t a lot at stake if they lose. Gambling operators take advantage of this fact and encourage men of this demographic to take part in online and land-based gambling.

As part of this group, students are also being targeted, and seem to take up a large portion of the online poker and online sportsbetting market. Many young male students pay for their education and other bills using winnings acquired through online poker websites.

Advertising campaigns are now becoming increasingly targeted at younger players. You’ll find many ads for online casinos, highlight the benefits of gambling on the internet rather than in person, pulling in players who are more tech saavy and under the age of 30.

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