Full Tilt Poker Set to Make Big Changes in 2010

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Full Tilt Poker has the title of the world’s second largest poker room and they are hoping to keep it that way.  They are infamous for having poker tables with both high and low buy-ins and seasoned players have been taking advantage of those with low buy-ins. 

The problem is referred to as “rat-holing” and the players have been known to buy into a poker table with a low buy-in, win the pot which can be quite high but is based on the number of players and then take off with the winnings.  This affects the casino negatively because the winners don’t often return to play at their site again.

To combat this, Full Tilt will be increasing their buy-ins, with special focus on the tables whose buy-ins are lower than others.  Full Tilt Poker is hoping that this change will provide a solution to their problem and also boost the popularity of poker tables with higher buy-ins.  Operators are also saying that there will be more changes made to the site in the New Year but haven’t specified what they are just yet. 

Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are the biggest competitors in the business when it comes to online poker; Full Tilt required changes in order to keep giving PokerStars a run for their money.  If you haven’t decided on a favourite poker table, you may want to wait and see what 2010 and Full Tilt Poker has to offer.

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