Foxy Bingo Pays Online Player £50,000 Due To Technical Issue

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The owners of the online Bingo site Cashcade have made a huge payment of £50,000 to one lucky Online Bingo player. The payment was done after the site discovered that there was a technical issue, with the online game in question. The site discovered that the prize money being shown was £50,000, when it should have been £500.

This rare error happened on the website on Monday night. The game in question was to run as a jackpot bingo game with guaranteed prize money of £50,000. The site had no choice but to make the payment as the prize money was put up on the screen in plain English for one and all to see.

The owners honored their commitment of making the payment even though there was a huge difference in the amount that was originally meant to be paid. The winner of this huge amount was “Tracey1801”.  Lady luck had smiled on Tracey1801 as she had paid an entry fee of just £1 to enter the game.

The website has already made history this month when it offered its players a chance to win a share of £500,000.  The website has lined up an online bingo game with a prize pool of £25,000, which will be played on May 9, 2008. This time all will know that it is the correct sum of money that the site is advertising.

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