eSports In Las Vegas

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Vegas eSportsIf you get an opportunity to visit the floor of the Downtown Grand Las Vegas, you will notice some new changes. In the past, the floor used to be a high limit room. At the moment, things are quite different. The floor is usually occupied by two men facing off in a game known as Mortal Kombat XL. This is actually considered as the final round in the night contest, known as Finish Him! Friday. The person who wins the game gets a price of two hundred and fifty dollars.

When the game is going on, two men sit on the edge of their chairs, and they fight with sticks on their hands. Their eyes are usually fixed on the screen during the game. Behind them, there is normally a group of at least twenty people who watch the game, drink and chat about the video games. Several feet away, there is a group of women who loudly clap and cheer at the roulette table. This is the kind of environment you will most likely find in the Downtown Grand every Friday. The hotel was recently decided to go all esports by offering their clients weekly contests, competitive events and watch parties.

The international esports market is growing rapidly in the modern competitive market. According to Newzoo, the market is expected to grow by over forty-three percent this year. By the year 2019, Newzoo predicts that esports will actually be a billion-dollar industry. This is because it has been growing in its popularity and viewership. This idea is expected to be a prime market for a city such as Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has the correct infrastructure that has been put in place to support large scale gaming activities such as Evo and The International. In the recent past, there have been rumors that a company known as Ourgame International Holdings that is currently based in Beijing will build a very dedicated esports arena on the city’s strip.

If Las Vegas manages to become a potential hotspot for esports, downtown wants to be part of the success. There are many professional gaming events that take place every year, but there has not been any full time esports destination. The chairman of the company, Seth Schorr is the CEO of the Downtown Grand Casino. Seth hopes that the hotel he manages, together with the rest in the area will emerge to be the destination everyone will look forward to.

According to Seth, the hotel wanted to create a good environment where the consumers esports needs will be met all the time. He plans to ensure that the events will not be held on the weekends or special days. Seth says that the hotel will like to become a place where the players and visit during any time of the day and get something happening. There is a lot of competition in the market, and for the hotel to stay on top of their game, they must introduce new measures.