ESports Acquires First License for Virtual Gambling

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The renowned esports specialist is proud to announce the new success story on board after acquiring a license that permits online gambling through virtual goods. Being the first portal to acquire such license, esports website is geared towards implementing more applicable rules for players. The license was awarded by the renowned gambling commission of supervision. This is a commission that regulates gambling as well as betting through virtual goods.


ESP bets are set to operate through licenses that have been acquired by real money as well as virtual goods. The games shall be obtained from the core domain while the primary website for esports maintains its operations by offering a fair playing platform for gamblers. Aside from the virtual goods and cash, the first license will allow ESP to be able to process transactions that allow digital currency like Bitcoin. This is among the impeccable features that the transaction has brought on board.


According to the chief executive officer of ESP website, esports betting as well as gambling via virtual goods has extensively covered gray markets. This is because of the multiple unregulated operators that have failed in protecting their loyal customers. He added that the management of ESP website had achieved excellent results through initiating transparency while dealing with clients. ESP site is also proud to be associated with a team that inquires about customers by finding out what their preferences are in the industry.


With the new license, most of the operations have been validated. ESP feels that the management has taken a huge step towards the creation of a synchronized marketplace. This is a safe platform for trading that incorporates businesses, investors as well as consumers. On the company’s behalf, the licensing specialist as well as the director of Multi Family Office of Boston, the chief service provider and manager, ESP acknowledged the possibilities of a bright future ahead of the virtual gambling industry.

Growth In Business

In the same scenario, McNee of Boston Multi Family stated that as the chief service provider of the license, there is a positive trend of growth in esports global revenues. In fact, it is evident that in annually, the business generates approximately $ 1 billion. It is also a fact that the business is set to grow further. With the same growth, there are betting matches that are set to mature. This is an indication that the operators will have to acquire licenses with the aim of ensuring extensive growth in business. This license, will, therefore, cover the areas of digital currencies as well as virtual goods.


The inclusion of the assets into the regulations of Isle Man is a huge step towards growth. The ESP bet license has been helpful in re-enforcing the business. It is important to note that the new license solidifies ESP’s position in the burgeoning industry. As one of the leading sites for online gambling, the license will offer fantasy leagues with several major competitors across the board. Being a new business transaction, the funding has been closed with the hope of a prosperous future in esports betting. Investors like Esports Ventures, Charlotte as well as Vancouver are key contributors in the business.