Distinctive Jackpot Pays Out Over $32 Million In Wins

Written By Janice Doughtrey

You hear about jackpots being paid out to winning hands, spins or rolls of the dice but what about for losing? Well, that’s exactly how the out-of-the-ordinary poker network CEREUS has paid out over $32 million dollars in Bad Beat Jackpots since it’s launch in June of 2007.

Bad Beat Jackpots is a poker game in which players actually win if they have a losing hand. The catch however is that the losing hand be of four eights or better while playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables at either UltimateBet.com or AbsolutePoker.com. Not a bad way to ensure even a few of your losing hands make you a bit of cash! The Bad Beat Jackpot increases with each qualifying hand, adding 50 cents to the running total.

Finally, on January 31st the historic milestone of $32 million dollars in payouts was reached when online player ‘HIPLO’ won $132,880 playing a Texas Hold’em hand at online casino AbsolutePoker.com. The exact amount paid out by the CEREUS network is actually $32,665,751 to over 15,000 players.

And most impressively, the Bad Beats Jackpot has paid out over $1,600,000 since January 1st. An interesting feature of Bad Beats is the fact that the progressive jackpot gets paid out in two ways: a large percentage to the ‘losing’ player as well as other competitors in the game. In fact, CEREUS has paid over $8,000,000 to hand winners of qualifying bad beats and almost $8,000,000 to players seated at the same table or at a table with the same stakes! Not only does the New Year look promising for players of Bad Beats but it’s also a great chance to increase your chances of winning on your losing hands!

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