Declining Oil Prices May Affect Cowlitz Casino Build

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Cowlitz CasinoThe oil production in North Dakota Bakken area has significantly reduced the price of oil in the recent past. Analysts have documented that the demand for oil by rail will keep going down with the coming of a new pipeline. The decline in North Dakota’s production leaves people doubting whether the enormous terminal at Vancouver will still be a gold mine anymore.

Professionals like industrial analysts have pointed out that the oil market’s extensive volatility in the past few years changed the monetary expectations of huge investments like the Vancouver terminal. Specialists in oil see this as a big project. Specialists said that this project can only give good rewards if the U.S production rises to a point where the pipeline is not adequate, and other means have to be used, like in 2012. William Derry said that anyone who thinks that prices will always be high is going to fail.

Many people eye employment opportunities at the Cowlitz casino

The huge Cowlitz casino resort still under construction is promising to employ 1,000 people to begin with. Most of these jobs are most likely to be assigned to tribal members. Local residents could benefit from those jobs, but the big question is who will get the jobs, and will the jobs attract more Native Americans? Word has it that people from as far as North Carolina are planning to apply for the jobs.

This increase the population in Cowlitz County, where rent is lower than in counties like Vancouver. The aim of the company is to employ from their community so as to ease the rate of unemployment. However, it is still hard to predict the outcome of the casino’s employment techniques since every case is different.

Vancouver owes $1.6 million to two district schools for failing to update fees impact

Vancouver city owes Vancouver and Evergreen schools approximately $1.6 million due to failure to update its computing system for three months after a school impact fee increased in January. Additionally, there was an overcharge on the builders in Evergreen District homes. This resulted to an undercharge of thousands of dollars on multi-unit and single family housing developments.

Even if it was a mistake, the schools are not forgiving the debts; they need facilities. However, the schools were also questioned on the dramatic hiking of fees. If the increase had occurred, many projects would not have moved forward.

Southwestern delegates should be united

Lawmakers in Pierce County, meet twice every month to identify and deliver the region’s top priorities. However, this is not the case at Southwestern Washington. There is a lack of trust, and it has been quite a long time ever since they were in the same room discussing amicably. The delegation held recently meant to secure money to integrate physical health services, chemical dependency, and mental health clearly showed the chasm within the delegation.

The Pierce County’s delegation work together despite their political and community diversity. They always come together when necessary and build each other’s understanding as well as helping the delegation to move forward. Southwestern Washington should emulate this delegate.