Dave Forestell Takes Helm as AGCO Board of Directors’ New Chair

Written By Janice Doughtrey

In a recent development that underscores a change in leadership, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has welcomed a new Chair to its Board of Directors. Dave Forestell, an individual of remarkable legal and political prowess, now takes on the prestigious mantle.

Forestell’s appointment was officially announced by the AGCO, sparking a wave of anticipation within the industry. An illustrious career in both private practice and public service, Forestell’s CV exhibits an undeniable aptitude for managing complex legal and regulatory landscapes.

Forestell’s previous tenure as a senior policy advisor in the Office of the Premier of Ontario only accentuates his prowess in navigating intricate governmental operations. This political acumen, merged with his experience as Vice-President, Government Relations at the Bank of Montreal, suggests he is well-equipped to steer the AGCO’s board.

With this new position, Forestell will guide the strategic direction of the AGCO. He will be expected to contribute to shaping the policy landscape within the realms of alcohol and gaming regulation in Ontario, focusing on maintaining high standards of integrity and public trust.

Forestell steps into his new role at a time of significant changes within the gaming industry. His leadership will likely be key to ensuring the AGCO continues to adeptly navigate the evolving regulatory terrain.


Dave Forestell’s appointment as the new Chair of the AGCO Board of Directors represents an interesting juncture in the evolution of gaming regulation in Ontario. Forestell brings to the table an amalgamation of political savviness, legal expertise, and an understanding of the regulatory landscape, which should serve to benefit the AGCO immensely.

Forestell’s past experiences seem to map perfectly onto the current needs of the AGCO. His tenure as a senior policy advisor offers him an intricate understanding of governmental operations. Moreover, his stint as Vice-President, Government Relations at the Bank of Montreal equipped him with valuable insights into the intersection of government and business. These experiences bode well for his capacity to guide the AGCO’s board amidst an evolving regulatory landscape.

However, with this new role comes immense responsibility. The gaming industry in Ontario, as elsewhere, is undergoing significant shifts. New technologies, changing consumer behaviour, and evolving societal attitudes towards gambling present challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Forestell’s leadership will be instrumental in ensuring that the AGCO remains adaptive and responsive in the face of these developments.

There’s no denying the high standards of integrity and public trust that the AGCO is committed to upholding. Forestell, with his sterling career and reputation, is well-positioned to further these aims.

In essence, Forestell’s appointment signals an optimistic future for the AGCO and the broader regulatory environment in Ontario. His leadership, in conjunction with the collective efforts of the AGCO, should foster a regulatory landscape that balances the interests of the gaming industry with the broader societal concerns. This is no easy feat, but with Forestell at the helm, the AGCO appears to be in capable hands.

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash