Cryptologic takes Poker Over the Next Level

Written By Janice Doughtrey

After a failed attempt at creating a new video poker format called Level Up, Micrograming has been schooled by Cryptologic. It’s not like it was an utter failure, but the format wasn’t as much of challenge to players who quickly picked it up. Now Cryptologic seems to have brought more to the table, releasing a video poker variant last week called Over Poker. The company describes its new video poker format as an exciting new way to play poker, as well as gives players more control over the cards and hands they want to play. Cryptologic also says that “Experienced poker players will love this game and beginners will find it very easy to learn.”

Over Poker isn’t too complicated to understand. The goal is to try and get as high of a poker hand as possible, as with any video poker game. Hand rankings mirror traditional poker hands, and the payouts are shown on the pay table in the game.

Another new feature that is kind of neat is that players who play Over Poker can choose a skin to use. Three skins are available, army, factory, and wooden.

Over Poker can be played in all Cryptologic online casinos right now, so try your hand at this new video poker format!

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