Construction Company Owner Wins $97 Million Power Ball Prize

Written By Janice Doughtrey

A man who owned two houses that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina won the $97 million Power Ball prize, with a ticket that he had bought while buying a gallon of milk at a convenience store. Carl Hunter who owns a construction company became the largest Power ball winner in Louisiana’s history. He had won the large sum in January, but the 73-year-old waited almost four months to stake his claim for the cash.

A regular lottery player, the 73 year old revealed that he had purchased his ticket on Jan. 16 at a gas pump which was less then two blocks away from his home which is located at the New Orleans suburb of Metairie. He had stopped for a second time to buy milk and he ended up buying his second quick pick ticket. The winner speaking to reporters at the Louisiana Lottery Corp. headquarters in Baton Rouge, where he had gone to claim the money said, “ I had one dollar left and I used that to buy the ticket.” Accompanied by his wife, Dianne, who said that, “The win was all about milk.”

The couple was relatively low key when asked about their plans on how they were going to spend the money. They stated they had nothing particular in mind except saving for retirement and rebuilding of the home that was wiped out in the cyclone. Hunter has taken one large amount of $33.9 million. When asked the reasons for his long wait before he claimed the money he said, “I wanted to complete a few outstanding projects.” He added, “This is not my first win. I have won $5,000 in a lottery a few years ago.”

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