Conflict of Interest Arises With Online Casino Affiliate Site

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online Casino Affiliate Program, better known as CAP has been under the microscope in recent weeks after being accused of having a conflict of interest regarding two CAP operators who own online sites being certified by the CAP site itself.

After a year filled with controversy in the online casino industry it’s a shame to read that yet another area of the online casino industry has been tarnished while many online gaming opportunities for players may have been lost after this news. After all, it’s hard to know who to trust in the online world, especially with the ever-increasing number of online casinos popping up.

The two CAP operators, Lou Fabiano and Warren Jolly have been accused of undisclosed conflicts of interest along with attempting to keep the issue silent, adding to the surmounting evidence of a cover-up and/or denial.

Unfortunately this news comes on the heels of the CAP Online Casino Awards and ever so close to the CAP Euro awards that will be taking place in London between January 29th-February 1st. These once prestigious and trusted awards are now being questioned for fairness. Some are even questioning the CAP Online Casino Awards that have already been awarded citing complaints that were filed by several bingo experts who rejected the selection of Playtech as the Best Bingo Software Provider.

At this point CAP has lost much of its credibility with the online casino world. An unfortunate event seeing as there are only a few, reputable, trustworthy sites offering information to the online gaming industry.

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