CasinoCoin to be Relaunched by Double C Foundation

Written By Janice Doughtrey

CasinoCoin (CSC) was recently acquired by Double C Foundation. The organization is working non-profit, and its goal for CasinoCon is bringing t to a wider audience and expanding upon the open source.

Double C Foundation was founded not long ago in the business of development of the gambling sector. Double C Foundation is focused on developing crypto facilities, and in that light, the organization announced that it would be having a relaunch of CasinoCoin. CasinoCoin is an open source working with peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The CasinoCoin platform is designed with regular online gambling facilities in mind.

Mr. John Caldwell is the Director of Advocacy for the nonprofit organization. Mr. John Caldwellis a former Marketing executive for Poker Starts, as well as the former Senior Project Manager of Research & Development for the organization of Rational Group Duncan Cameron. Mr. John Caldwell has amassed a lot of experience in the business including working with cryptocurrency. The goal of Mr. John Caldwell is to help educate the commercial gambling industry on the benefits of CasinoCoin as well as on what the business is all about. The other members of the Double C Foundation include executives and lawyers, as well as consultants who provide their advisory services in the online gambling industry.

Mr. John Caldwell spoke about the relaunched of CasinoCoin in a recent interview. Mr. John Caldwell said that one of the things that the team has been focusing the most on is working closely with regulators and operators. The reason for the close cooperation is that according to Mr. John Caldwell that is the only way in which cryptocurrency could become appealing worldwide n a larger scale in the regulated markets of the gambling industry. Mr. John Caldwell also added that the Double C Foundation will be working towards promoting the best practices of the CasinoCoin platform as well as cryptocurrency as a whole. Mr. John Caldwell believes that the Double C Foundation will play a crucial role in realizing the full potential of the platform.

CasinoCoin is currently working towards developing new features, and new technology which will be inclusive of a built-in KYC (know your customer), as well as an AML (anti-money laundering), and responsible gaming. Providing technical tools related to cryptocurrency is the goal of the Double C Foundation. The non-profit organization believes that the regulated gambling industry could use more tools that are accessible not only to operators but to regular players as well.

There are a number of benefits to using cryptocurrency according to experts in the field. One of the most significant advantages is related to security. Cryptocurrency and the use crypto coins have a strong potential of decreasing the fraud in the industry. Protecting the regulated gambling market from fraud plays a crucial role in the wellbeing and stability of the industry. Experts believe that what Double C Foundation is doing might be a step forward not only for cryptocurrencies but for the entire regulated gambling market as a whole.