Casino Player Wins €940,966 From

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The last week was a good time for a Greek customer of the online casino site Sporting bet. It flew him and five of his friends to London, so that he could collect his winning amount and celebrate. After drinking to his victory at the company’s office, the winner who works as an office assistant was taken for lunch by the company with his five friends. Later the winner and his fiancée went out to shop.

The winner had bet a small amount €27 on the Super Seven’s online slot machine and won the large sum. His win was the largest amount won by a Greek online and also the biggest win on the site.

The CEO of the company said, “The amount won is huge and I am happy for the player. He is a loyal and regular player of the site.” The CEO added, “I hope the experience of the win remains with him for a long time.”

The winner stated that he played on the site every weekend for a few hours. He added, “Though this win is huge I have no intention of quitting my job. The winner’s fiancée added, “Our wedding will be bigger and sooner then expected.”

The CEO added, “The aim of the web site is to make the experience of the customer from depositing to winning a wonderful one. We have hundreds of visitors coming to our site daily. His win is an example how our site produces winners.”

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