Casino News Show Features Update On Mega Moolah Jackpot

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The newly launched Casino News Show has recently aired a new segment which provides an update on a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot that has been growing and growing. The website is similar to a blogging or news site about online casino news but provides a live stream video that can be viewed anytime it is updated. This segment highlights the jackpot as well as a new game and the WSOS which is the world series of slots tournament that takes place on an annual basis.

This site monitors changes and updates at all major online casinos and is updated on an hourly basis with progressive jackpots, large tournaments, cash giveaways and online casino bonuses that are current or upcoming in the near future.

The entire show is about any and everything new on the online casino circuit. Announcements are made of big recent winners and what their winnings were, it highlights how the players landed on their big wins and lists the casinos that house the biggest wins. New games are often a hot topic to be discussed on the show.

“One of the jackpots is currently over $4.3 million. Several online casino players are wondering how soon it’s going to go, or perhaps it will be able to go above its previously set amount of $5.5 million,” said Casino News Show.

The show is a big hit among the online gaming community and always handy as it can be viewed live when you are ready to watch.

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