Busting 5 Common Online Casino Myths

Written By Ivan P

With the online gambling industry being so popular and attracting so many players from all over the world, it’s hardly a surprise there are many myths and legends that have developed over the years.

Let’s be honest, gamblers are prone to different superstitions as it is. With online casinos, things seem even more distant and unclear, so there are many theories that have come to life about how internet gambling sites “really” operate.

While these online casino myths really have any real substance to them, they’re still interesting to look at to try and figure out where they come from. Whatever your personal opinion might be, this article should help you develop better understanding of what really is (and isn’t) happening behind the scenes.

Online Casinos Rig Their Slots & Table Games

One of the biggest and most common myths about online casinos is that they somehow rig their games to pay less than they are supposed to. For example, many players believe that casino slots don’t actually pay the official percentage and that operators have the ability to control the RTP of the games at will.

This myth is false at so many levels. First of all, slots and other games aren’t developed by the casinos. They’re created and usually hosted by game development companies. They offer their products as is and casinos don’t have any access to the underlying code. Basically, they’re just renting these games.

Secondly, even if they somehow could arrange it with the suppliers, online casinos would never risk it. If any licensed casino was ever discovered to rig their games, they would have to pay a huge fine and would probably lose the license immediately.

Finally, casinos have no incentive whatsoever to tamper with the games. All of them are already “rigged” in a way that they’ll always win over the long period. Every single slot and table game are designed in a way where the house wins a small percentage of every bet. So, they don’t have to do anything other than sit and wait.

You’ll start losing after a withdrawal.

This is another myth that ties in with the first. Many players are afraid to withdraw their winnings from an online casino as they believe operators have a “doom switch” of sorts. If you win and cash out, they’ll turn the switch and you’ll start losing.

This theory doesn’t hold water for the reasons already explained. Casinos can’t and wouldn’t tamper with the games in such a way. The amount of complication and risks involved is just too big.

Also, casinos don’t mind people cashing out. If people never cashed out, the gambling industry would quickly cease to exist. Serious gaming sites are happy about some players winning because it is the only way to keep a steady business.

You can beat online casinos using secret “strategies”.

It’s good to have some kind of strategy when gambling. It helps you keep better control over your bankroll and provides you with certain goals you want to achieve. In that sense, gambling strategies do help you have more winning sessions and keep your bankroll healthier.

However, there are no secret tactics that will help you consistently beat the house. Every single game is, at best, a break-even proposition, and a majority of them favor the house. No matter what approach you take, rules and game dynamics are such that you can’t come out ahead in the long run.

Some strategies that would be legitimate in a live environment, such as counting cards at blackjack, also don’t work on virtual tables because decks are constantly shuffled so every hand is completely independent from the previous one.

You win more with a bonus because you can’t cash out.

Some players tend to believe that it is easier to win big while you’re playing with the bonus because you usually can’t withdraw those winnings. Most bonuses come with wagering requirements so if you win big early on, you can still end up losing it all before you can actually cash out.

While it would make some sense for casinos to do this in order to lure players in with a promise of big wins, it’s not a reality. Most sites have only two game modes: free, that you can use to try the games, and the real mode. When you’re playing with the bonus cash, you’re playing in the real mode, so all the numbers are exactly the same as if you were playing with just your cash.

The biggest reason for this misconception is the fact players tend to be more liberal with bonus funds, leading to bigger wins than they’re used to. They’ll play on a higher stake or will try their luck with a more volatile game, exactly because it’s not their money yet so they’re not as conservative about it.

It’s dangerous to send your personal information to an online casino.

In the modern world we live in, sharing your personal info online always comes with certain risks. However, sending your details to a reputable and properly licensed casino isn’t a big risk at all. These companies have to adhere to very strict rules in terms of how they are to treat their customers’ sensitive details. Any abuse can and does lead to serious consequences for the operators.