British Trio Win Big at

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Three British players made a large pot of money while playing at the Malta-based online casino The three won $158,000 in total prizes. These regular players, belong to the Leeds region and got their winning sums the very next day.

The first winner is 30-year-old Steve Wright, who works as a company director. He won a sum of over $83,969 while playing CantorCasino’s Spanish blackjack game. The second person to win money was online player Catharine R who won 52,342 on the same Spanish blackjack game. The third person who wished to remain anonymous was awarded a sum of $21,686.

Wright speaking about his win said, “This is not the first time I have won on the site. Though this win is not my biggest win ever.” He added, “The sites games have a low house edge, so one can take his time to master the game and at the same time win a big bonus.”

When Wright was asked what he would do with the large sum, he said, “I have wanted to buy a BMW Z4 for a long time. I think I will buy that with a portion of the money.”

Mike Leys, Marketing Director for Cantor said, “The site was proud of its high payout percentage. It is a great day for us that a trio of our regular players has won large sums of money.” He added, “Just last month the site had a pay out percentage 97.8 percent. We have made all the payments to our players the next day.”

The website offers a selection of distinctive games such as Stat Jack, which counts the cards for the player’s. It also offers regular casino games like blackjack, roulette and slots.

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