British Columbia Lottery Corp. Awards CA$2 Million to Lucky Scratch Card Winner

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Would anyone ever hope to win a life-changing jackpot from a scratch card? Probably not, because even Munpreet Singh Gill’s first reaction after scraping out the surface to reveal the hidden prize, was that there was some mistake somewhere. It was quite unbelievable that he would win CA$2 million from a mere scratch card when it seems nobody ever does.

A trip to the self-checker was all that was needed for Gill to believe his unexpected fortune, because the machine came back with a confirmation that the CA$2 million prize he won from BCLC’s CA$200 Million Supreme Scratch & Win was for real. Even Gill’s father refused to believe he (Munpreet) won the life changing amount, since it took another trip to the self-checker before Gill’s father was convinced that his son’s life-changing windfall was true.

Actually, their disbelief was not unfounded since Munpreet Singh Gill is the first lucky scratch card player to ever win the millions-top prize in BCLC’s scratch card play. The “CA$200 Million Supreme Scratch and Win” has the largest prize pool of all National Lottery scratch games, and there are twelve scratch tickets that have CA$2 Million as the corresponding major prize that can be won; the odds though, of winning one is 1: 1,220,000.

Munpreet Singh Gill, who is a resident of Surrey, was on a work-related trip to Squamish with his father that day, and had to make a trip to the Petro Canada along Government Road from where he bought the winning scratch card. After recovering from his momentary shock, he finally realized that his life is about to change. Nonetheless, when asked about his future plans, the lucky fellow said he will just be treating himself to a small reward, like buying a new “Camaro” and save the rest of the money in the bank until gets to complete his post-secondary education.

About BCLC’s CA$200 Million Supreme Scratch & Win

The CA$200 Million Supreme Scratch & Win ticket has 18 numbers, six symbols, 14 prize levels and four game plays that require revealing all hidden numbers and symbols and making a match against a set of pre-selected but likewise concealed numbers, symbols and prize amounts for the ticket.

Scratch Game 1 awards a corresponding prize whenever one of the 18 digits revealed, matches any one of the numbers in the hidden set of “Seven Lucky Numbers” appearing on the scratch card.

In Scratch Game 2, if any one of the hidden six “Your Symbols” is an exact match to any of the two hidden “LUCKY SYMBOLS” appearing on the scratch ticket, the holder wins the corresponding prize.

Games 3 and 4 pays the corresponding prize amount if any three of the hidden prize amounts are identical and are exact matches to the secret prize reward for that particular game.

In the case of Mukpreet Singh Gill, he won the CA$2 million top prize level by buying a scratch ticket that contained three identical prize amounts that matched the concealed corresponding prize reward of CA$2, 000,000 for the game he played.