Blackjack Tourneys at River Belle Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Play at River Belle online casino now to enjoy a unique online blackjack playing experience! The tournaments are not Sit N Go, and instead are a series of several tournaments scheduled in day. These tournaments will continue until the end of the month. Low rollers will feel excitement with the blackjack multistage tournaments and the low entry fees to join, as well as the low prize pools that will add up!

Currently, the largest prize pool in the online blackjack tournaments at River Belle online casino is $126, with an entry fee of only $10. It does not sound like much, but as the only the top 3 players will get a piece of the prize pool, it’s not too shabby. The first place player will get $63, the second place player will get $37.80, and the third place player win $25.20. If you win a few tournaments, you could make some pretty good coin!

Because entry is restricted to the first 250 participants, an event can fill up pretty fast. What will happen is another similar event will happen again in 8-10 hours approximately, so get there early to get in on the next tournament should you miss your first chance.

Play at River Belle Casino today!

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