Blackjack Radar Announces 21 Strategy Calculator

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The website Blackjack Radar has announced the release of a 21 Strategy Calculator. The calculator will help players avoid common mistakes made by starters at the tables. The announcement of the release was a result of high demand for blackjack advisory software.

Data has indicated that the largest leaks in the game of the typical blackjack player is due to simple errors made when calculating the odds of certain cards coming. The calculator will almost reduce these mistakes from a players’ game, which will automatically reduce an average player’s losses.

The calculator analyzes the player’s online cards and the dealers up card in each blackjack21 hand while the player may practice and learn how to play blackjack. The player can play for fun in online ballroom and internet casino sites, or even while gambling for real cash money on blackjack online games.

The new calculator will help the players learn all the betting tactics and secrets, the winning chart sheets, cheat sheets, strategy tables and improve their skills. The free product will help players better adapt to their own style of playing and learning the different online casinos rules.

The software supports rules used in Las Vegas and Atlantic City in real world card counters and the automatic positive progressive betting system predictor for card counting methods and techniques.

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