Blackjack Pro Playing in Charity Poker Tourney

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The famous US Blackjack pro is happy to announce that she will be participating in an upcoming charity tournament on This player is also a pro poker player, her name is Erica Shoenberg and she has been playing for several years. The tournament is the third annual tournament and is called the World Series of Online Forums.

The tournament will be listed under the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary Charity Tournament and will require a cheap eleven dollar buy in amount. The tournament takes place on the full tilt website at three in the afternoon eastern standard time on the 5th day of December.

The charity this time around is a animal loving charity which helps to raise money for an animal rescue organization! What a great cause to support little fluffy guys and play your favourite game all at the same time! And that’s not all, while the players will all be playing for a good cause and for the title as the winner, the winner will also get a cruise to Mexico which is being donated by

There will be other players that are donated as prizes as well so other players placing in the top spots will enjoy some great partying gifts as well. The tournament will likely be a great success and the organizers are really looking forward to a fun time and a great turn out as well. And it is still not too late for you to enter so log onto the online poker website now and make sure that you are there to play December 5th!

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