Blackberry Launches Mobile Gambling App

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Mobile casinos are becoming some of the most-downloaded applications on smart phones – and it’s no wonder why. As society gains a greater need for instant gratification, mobile software becomes increasingly important. No longer do players have to wait to login to their computer to access their favourite online casinos games – and RIM has made it possible to access games from Blackberry smart phones.

Blackberries were previously thought to be devices only for professionals and other business people. However, more and more software developers have recognized the value in creating game applications for these phones. While the range of games was previosly confined to arcade games, online gambling operators saw the profitability of creating online casino apps for the devices.

Now, players can use their phones to bet on a wide range of sporting events from across America. There are many betting options available, so players will never get bored of wagering from their mobile phone.

Currently, this application is only available in the state of Nevada – but if it’s popularity catches on, it could spread to other states and even countries!

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