BKJK Bowl Heats Up As More Seats Are Awarded

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino Lucky18Casino.com’s BKJK Bowl is a popular blackjack tournament that brings together blackjack players from around the globe! And five more seats have been awarded to the Finals where players will battle it out for $50,000. And the champion will take home a whopping $21,000.

Taking place on January 28th at 6pm on Super Bowl weekend, the BKJK Bowl Grand Finale still has entries available. Players can take part in Lucky18Casino’s January Monthly Bowl for one more chance to win a seat. And for those not lucky enough to win a seat, buy-in’s are $275.

The five newly awarded seats went to five lucky players who battled their way to the top. Lucky18Casino revealed players that three players advanced from each table in the first level while the second level saw many upsets and surprising wins. At the final table it was all about playing conservatively as no one seemed to want to bet big and risk everything, in fact, going into the final hand, the pack was separated by a mere 700 chips.

First place went to online player ‘Jef’ in a surprising win when he pulled a soft 20 while the other players stood on 17’s. The dealer showed a 6 and pulled an 18. ‘Jef’ took the top spot for $1,004; ‘MandyMoney’ took second for $597, third went to ‘EasyMoney’ for $358, fourth went to ‘Bucs67’ for $215 and fifth went to ‘Poser284’ for $215.

Don’t forget, there are still more seats up for grabs during the month of January as well as direct buy-ins. Check out Lucky18Casino.com for more information.

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