Big Winner at

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There are big winners being announced already and it’s just the first month of the year. One very big winner comes announced from an online casino that is powered by Playtech software which is one of the leaders in gaming software in the online gambling industry. The most recent winner is a player from Greece who’s total winnings showcase an amount exceeding two hundred and fifty two thousand dollars!

This player had been playing at the online casino for just over two years. He is a regular at the online casino and likes to play the traditional poker game of Texas hold em poker. The first tournament that he won was called the European Championship of Online Poker which gave him a whopping $52,000 and then he was also the winner of the top prize of $200,000 after playing the monthly millions tournament at the same website!

The player did say that there was surely luck involved. While he does believe that he is a good player he went on to say that poker is a game where luck is a very important element. You can have great cards and still lose if there is someone that is luckier than you at the table. Skills and luck pulled him through all the way to the end as he is more than happy to receive his giant winnings. There are many more games that he plans to participate in and the year has just begun.

Many people are making great new years resolutions and some of them plan on winning some big tournaments this is a great way to start for this online casino player and Greek native.

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