Big Problem Gambling Problems

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Casinos have led to the current gambling problems seen in the world today. Both developed and developing countries are caught up in this need to make quick money leading to the participation in the adored act of gambling. In the beginning, most people participating view it as something cool. They enjoy the act of unpredictability. With time, the process becomes addictive and problems set. Some of the problems that the casinos have caused are discussed here.

Recreation to addiction

None of the current big gamblers started the act with the intention of being addicted. Most of the gambling activities started out as recreation and influence from friends. After continuous successes and failures, the feeling of wanting to recover that which is lost sets in. The gambling action then slowly but steadily leads to a serious addiction in the end.

Money problems

Betting exposes the participators to a lot of risks. After some time in gambling, addiction sets in. Family savings get used up in the process leading to starvation and poor living standards. Such problems can lead to mistrust, anger, and betrayal within the family.

Separation from families

Casinos lead to a lot of disappointments especially when the participators make losses. When the money used in the process was to help in other important matters, gamblers would not be willing to face the other family members. Separation occurs in different ways. The other family members may choose to stay away from the gambler, or the latter can choose not to be with the family anymore because of shame.

Anxiety and depression

Gambling is very uncertain. People risk a lot of investments. Most of these people lose millions just in seconds. It happens that in the process of waiting for the results, gamblers get so anxious. On an event that the bet is lost, there is a risk of depression. Most people come back to their senses after they realize how much they have lost. Depression is the usual result of the whole process.

Risks of committing suicide

Most gamblers are heavy drinkers though this is not always the case. Some of them suffer depression, and this puts them in an unstable state of mind. Excessive gambling and recurrent losses can lead to suicide among these people. On the other hand, some families fully depend on these gamblers but not through their gambling. Taking an example of fathers, their families depend on them for livelihood. Losing money to casinos can lead to suicides of other family members.

Effects on the children

Children are affected largely by the gambling problems. Parents make promises with the money they don’t have at the moment. Going to the casinos, they lose the little that they had. The promises which they kept cannot be fulfilled. Some of the children start blaming themselves, and others draw away from the parents through misbehavior.

Thus, casinos have created a big challenge to the world today. The addiction with which it comes leads to poor financial management.