Best Active Player on the PGA Tour to Never Win a Major

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Making it onto the PGA Tour is difficult work. Of the hundreds of thousands of golfers in the world, only a few hundred are able to play in a PGA sponsored event, and there are usually just over 100 players to receive an invite to different major events. Due to this, it is especially difficult for players to actually win a major. There are different reasons why one player might have never actually won a major tournament. Perhaps they just don’t have the best luck, or they are good enough to make the cut but just can’t make it over the edge. There really is no way to say why a player has never won a major. Once they make it into the field, it is possible for anyone to have a good weekend. When betting on golf, it is possible to bet on not only who will win, but what place someone might finish. Knowing what good players have never won a major can prove not only informative and interesting, but it might prove helpful when betting on the PGA tour as well. Here are a few active players who have performed well, but have just never won a major.

Steve Stricker

Steve is on the downward slope of his professional career. He is 48 years old and probably doesn’t have too many more tours left. However, he has won over $40 million throughout his playing careering. His best turnout came in the PGA Championship where he finished second. Other than that though, he is just a solid golfer who can make the cut, but just can’t seem to finish.

Sergio Garcia

It might catch some by surprise, but Sergio has never won a major. He has won minor tournaments and is actually listed 9 on the all-time PGA money list by bringing in $47 million with another $27 million on the European Tour. He is also ranked in the top five of the world and been the runner up four different times between the PGA Championship and Open Championship. So, it most likely is a matter of time before he wins one, but he has yet to land a title yet.

Matt Kuchar

In his late 30s, Matt has never had a first or second place finish. He usually is able to finish in the top 10 of his tournaments, but really has not been able to win one, or come close to winning one as of yet.

Lee Westwood

Lee was one of the best golfers in the world for two years, yet never won a major tournament. He even ranked as the top golfer in 2010 and remained in the top three through 2011. He has dropped off a bit, and while he is 41, he has brought in over $40 million off of the European Tour and another nearly $17 million on the PGA Tour. He has also played in the most majors of any active player (66) without having won a single one of them.