BCLC’s Scratch and Win Brings CAS1 Million Fortune to a Salmo Boxing Day Shopper

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Salmo resident Kristy Bengert spent some of her Boxing Day shopping money to purchase British Columbia Lottery Corp.’s (BCLC) CA$10 “$100 Million Fortune Scratch and Win” tickets and became an instant millionaire before year 2014 ended. According to Ms. Bengert, she has always been a regular buyer of the S&W ticket for years, and the money won from the holiday purchase was the largest prize she has ever won from the lottery game.      

Kristy recalled having to blink several times after scratching the Scratch &Win ticket purchased from the Trail Wanetta lottery kiosk, as she could not believe she unraveled a match for one of the six LUCKY NUMBERS that had a corresponding CA$1 million top prize. Kristy kept the ticket secure in her pocket until she was able to check the win twice, in a self-serve Check-a-Ticket terminal. When asked about her plans on how she will spend the prize money, she told the people at BCLC that she would use the win to buy a house in Salmo.

About BCLC’s Scratch and Win Tickets

BCLC’s Scratch and Win (S&W) lottery tickets come in about 63 variants and offered at different ticket prices ranging for CA$1, CA$2, CA$3, CA$5, CA$10 and CA$20. The top prizes (TP) that can be won also vary, based on the cost of the S&W ticket purchased. As examples, S&W lottery ticket players can find the CA$1 “Gold Coin” with CA$5K TP, the CA$2 “Bingo” with CA$25K TP, and the CA$3 “Bingo Blast” with CA$50K TP. Some of the tickets with larger jackpots at stake include the CA$5 “Jacks are Wild” with CA$100K TP, the CA$10 “$100 Million Fortune” with CA$1 Million TP and the CA$20 “$200 Million Extraordinaire” with CA$2 million top prize.

Each S&W ticket offers four games: Game 1 is a scratch play in which a player scratches out a set of six numbers labeled as LUCKY NUMBERS and another set of 18 representing the player’s numbers (YOUR NUMBERS). If any one of the 18 YOUR NUMBERS matches one of the six LUCKY NUMBERS, the player wins the prize corresponding to that number. In Games 2, 3 and 4, winning a corresponding prize means unraveling three images bearing the same prize amounts, in a single game.

To give Scratch & Win ticket players a treat during the recent holidays and up to January 23, 2015, BCLC launched the Tech the Halls promotional draw, offering high-tech home appliances, tablets, and gift cards as prizes. BCLC added a unique 11-digit Tech the Halls Contest Code on a selection of S&W variants that registered Tech the Hall participants, must unravel, and submit as entries for the promo and instant draws. The number of entries depends on the price value of the ticket bearing the Contest Code, which means the code for a CA$3 ticket is equivalent to three promo draw entries, while a CA$20 ticket gives 20 entries. Moreover, a player receives an extra entry for every five entries or CA$5 worth of tickets.