BC Outdoor TV Show Producer/Host Wins CA$1 Million from BCLC’s Extreme Millions ScratchCard

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Michael Mitchell, editor of BC Outdoor Magazine and producer/host of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV show, bought an Extreme Millions Scratch & Win ticket from Stave Lake Esso in Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, British Columbia. Apparently, Mike bought the scratchcard without any thoughts or hopes of becoming an instant millionaire, since he waited until after he finished filming and already back home before he took to scraping his Extreme Million scratchcard. It was only then that Mike Mitchell found out about his CA$1 million windfall.

Actually, Mike had doubts about it and had to ask his father to check out the ticket. He conveyed during the press conference that his mind still could not process the idea of actually winning one of Extreme Million’s CA$1 Million top prizes. Mike said it was not registering and took long before it finally sunk in him that he had won CA$ 1 million. It was only when he had the ticket validated and the store clerk showed excitement by giving him a high five that Mike managed to let out a smile.

According to Mike, even his wife did not believe him at first. He recalls how she ribbed him about it after sharing with her the news — about him being a millionaire and all, being asked by his wife to wash the dishes.

Michael plans to share his good fortune with his parents by settling their mortgage. Some will be set aside for his kids’ college education. Staying true to form as an outdoorsman, Mike said his first purchase would be a swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy.

About BCLC’s Extreme Millions Scratchcard Offering

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC’s) Extreme Millions Scratchcard is a Scratch &Win type of lottery game that gives players the greatest chances of becoming a millionaire. Categorized under BCLC’s Instant-Win Ticket games, the play area of the scratchcard is covered, as the ticket contains hidden lottery prize symbols and prize amounts that a player must match in order to win.

The lottery win is instant because any matched number, or matched set of lottery numbers revealed, is an instant win. The prize must be claimed before the Instant Win Lottery game or the prize expires. The BCLC has sole discretion in deciding when the prize and instant win game is set to expire, usually one year counting from the date indicated on the ticket, or as announced by the provincial lottery corporation.

Called extreme because it has the most number of CA$1 million top prizes, Extreme Millions has 25 in all, and CA$200 million as overall prize pool. Costing CA$20 per ticket, the Extreme Millions scratchcard offers estimated 1:3.00 odds of unraveling a prize, ranging from CA$20 to CA$1 million.

Extreme Millions Game Mechanics

The Extreme Millions scratchcard has two games. Both of which have a set of eighteen (18) Your Numbers and seven (7) Lucky Numbers to unravel and match. If any of the eighteen Your Numbers finds an exact match among the seven Lucky Numbers, the holder of the ticket wins the corresponding prize indicated for that particular lottery number.