Bally Will Run Customer Service System from JACK Entertainment

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The scientific game systems that have been chosen by Bally casinos will come from JACK Entertainment. The new customer service systems will help customers get all their service in one place, and every customer will have many kiosks to visit when they come to one of the Bally locations that will receive the new systems. This article explains how the kiosks will help customers who visit casinos from Bally.

The New Scientific Service

The scientific customer service system that JACK Entertainment uses brings everything that customers need into one place. The kiosk ideal will be used on the casino floor of every location that Bally runs, but the kiosks will only be the beginning of what Bally plans to do. There are many applications for the technology, and the technology may be moved into customer rooms. The customer solutions used will help customers do much of what they need on their own. Freeing up time for people working in the casinos helps everyone get what they need.

The Gaming Extension

The customer service systems will extend to gaming as Bally will purchase 250 machines that will carry many different games. Gaming in casinos has expanded over the past few decades to include video games that are found online. Video games have come online with impressive graphics, but the graphics are brilliant in the kiosks that will be purchase for Bally locations. Everyone who comes into a Bally location will find that they may enjoy games tied to the loyalty program managed by the customer service system.

The Loyalty Program

The loyalty program offered by Bally will be tied into every machine, and customers may check their balances, points and other incentives on the machines. Customers no longer need to pull out their phones or get their computers to check their rewards points. The loyalty program allows customers to cash in at any time at a machine, and the employees in the casino are no longer solely responsible for the rewards program. The kiosks have changed the way customers get their rewards points, and anyone may join the program at the kiosks. The simplicity of the program has changed the way that people play in Bally casinos.

Will Electronics Take Over Customer Service In Casinos

Casino customer service will never completely lose the human touch, but the kiosks that have been ordered will help change the way that customer service is delivered. People who step into the casino need not seek out someone who works at the casino, and the closest interaction customers may have is a simple hello in the hallway. Dealers need not talk too much to their customers, and the service staff will have more time to devote to the people who are most in need.

The order from Scientific Games and JACK Entertainment will change the way customers play in casinos, and the loyalty program will become much simpler for every patron. Every kiosk represents a fundamental change in the live gambling world.