Attendees of the Global Gaming Expo Will Need to Get Vaccinated

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The list of events that require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate from its attendees is becoming bigger, as the 2021 Global Gaming Expo announced that it is necessary for anyone who wishes to participate to be vaccinated.

The American Gaming Association, together with the producers of the show – RX, have laid out a statement saying that the vaccine requirements are in line with the health standards currently in place in Nevada, and it is done with the sole purpose of everyone will feel safe at this event.

The event starts on the 1st of October and finishes on the 7th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center on the Las Vegas Strip. Last year, the event was held online, and directors this time around say that the interest is huge, so record attendance can be expected. For those who cannot travel, there will be the chance of following the event online as well.

One dose of the vaccine is enough

Some events, like the World Series of poker, require all attendees to be fully vaccinated with two doses, but the Global Gaming Expo organizers say that one dose of the vaccine is enough. This requirement covers all attendees, media, speakers as well as exhibitors. The details on how the vaccination status will be determined are yet to be announced, but a statement on that will follow in the near future.

G2E has attendees from all over the world, so vaccines that have been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration or the WHO will be recognized. The list from the vaccines the World Health Organization has approved includes AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Covishield.

Also, it has been announced that there will be no refunds to participants who have registered but did not receive a vaccine prior to the event.

Everyone will still have to wear masks

Another thing participants need to be aware of is the requirement by the organizers that everyone wears masks at the event. The website of G2E also adds that the organizers will adjust guidelines to any changes of the state, local and Sands guidelines. People with certain disabilities will be an exception to the mask rule.

In addition to all this, the trade show floor is accommodated to satisfy the social distance requirements, and there will be certain spacing markers that participants will have to respect. The sanitation and cleaning standards will also be at the highest level.

Even though attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination, they are not asked to show if they have had a positive test prior to the event, as that is considered to be personal health information that should be protected.

The health guidelines on the G2E’s website say that anyone who has tested positive should notify their close contacts of the results, so they can comply with CDC recommendations and the Nevada requirements, which may mean that those people will have to go through a period of self-isolation and/or testing.