Atlantic City Handheld Gambling Gets Green Light

Written By Janice Doughtrey

New Jersey has been working hard for quite some time, when it comes to securing a positive future for itself in the online gambling mobile gambling markets. Now, the state’s first victory has been awarded, with the announcement that players at Atlantic City casinos will be able to gamble from remote locations using handheld devices.

Politicians in New Jersey got the idea earlier this year from Nevada. America’s gambling capital recently introduced the technology, allowing players to wager on particular games from anywhere on a casino’s premises. The idea inspired New Jersey politicians and casino operators, who saw it as an opportunity to compete with the biggest gambling centre in the country.

“Casino gaming is the lifeblood of south Jersey’s economy,” says Senator Jim Whelan, who sponsored the bill. “We have to be willing to adapt in order to survive.”

This is great step forward for the state of New Jersey. Politicians in the state are working hard to pass online gambling legislation and this is certainly a step in the right direction. Should the public see how successful the new gambling devices are, they may change their tune about opposing online gambling.

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