Another Poker TV Show For Poker Lovers!

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There is yet another poker series that will be debuting on the popular sports channel Fox Sports. Since poker is in fact considered a sport by some, this new show will highlight and discuss all the current events and issues that are happening in poker at the current time and will be aired on the channel once per week on a weekly basis.

The new show will be featuring Ultimate Bet sponsored pro poker player Joe Sebok who will be leading the poker talk. The show will be on Wednesday at 11pm and will be repeated several times throughout the week including a repeat time on the following Thursday at 4pm.

The show will be called Poker2Night and will be focusing on bringing the regular people just like you and me into the world of poker and telling us a little bit about what is currently happening in poker every time a new episode airs. There is likely to be guest speakers as well as special highlights to happen on a random basis as well.

The show is already getting some great publicity and will also be getting some additional publicity through the online poker website called as they are currently running free rolls to support the launch of the show and are the online casino that will be the main sponsor of the show throughout.

Should be an interesting spin on the poker world and will be a great view into what is happening for all the poker lovers out there.

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