Another Full Tilt Poker Exec Comes Forward

Written By Janice Doughtrey

As Raymond Bitar, former CEO of Full Tilt Poker awaits sentencing for his crimes, another Full Tilt executive is rumoured to have plans to step forward as well. Now, Nelson Burtnick, the former online poker room’s Chief Financial Officer may be making his return to American soil, where local authorities will be waiting for him with handcuffs.

The news was revealed on the forums of 2 + 2, a popular online poker website. One member informed the public that Burtnick will be returning to the United States from Ireland, where both he and Bitar had been hiding out. With similar charges laid against him, Burtnick is likely to face the same fate as Bitar.

Everything seems to be coming together for the American Department of Justice. Ira Rubin, online gambling payment processor for Full Tilt, was recently sentenced to three years in prison while Absolute Poker founder Brent Beckley received a 14 month sentence. There are still several individuals who were indicted on Black Friday that need to come forward, but the American government is tracking them down, one-by-one.