A complaint filed by Gibraltar for a separate state from the UK due to Tax Laws

Written By Janice Doughtrey

This complaint by Gibraltar was not successful because the Court of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) has not supported the petition of Gibraltar as a separate member within the laws and regulations of European Union. This issue was raised after a clash between United Kingdom HMRC and the Betting and Gaming Association of Gibraltar (GBGA) due to a new tax dispute.

This petition was only filed to avoid 15 % tax imposed by Government of UK and requested to consider the GBGA as a single member of the party in online gambling industry. In the UK there is a law that controls the payment of the tax of all gaming and betting platforms that are controlled through remote technology inside and outside of the United Kingdom.

CJEU response has considered Gibraltar as a part of UK this week for all gaming activities in the country. One of the Gaming Law Expert Audrey Ferrie of Pinsent Masons Has told to Out-Law.com that CJEU has acknowledged the Gibraltar as a separate part from the UK but it could not be considered EU member in its own right.
Audrey Ferrie has further added that all services provided by gambling operators based in Gibraltar to whole UK consumer markets must be under same laws and jurisdiction. It is good to reduce the related hurdles for cross-border trading resulted from this new remote gambling tax system as well.

A lot of companies other than Gibraltar Betting have been found in the past to try these same tactics. Many casino companies who try their hand online try to find as many loopholes as they can to pay less money on tax and fees. The U.K. encourages everyone who likes to gamble online to do their due diligence before putting their money into a company. While the people running the company won’t ever take your money in an unfair manner, you could lose all of your chips or whatever you had deposited with them if they have to close their website. Gamblers are encouraged to speak with a representative or a high ranked employee to see how they conduct their business.