A Closer Look At Live Dealer Casinos

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Live Dealer Casinos may not be as popular as mobile gaming– as of yet, but they are on the rise and many fortunate enough to play in one of these casino’s claims they wouldn’t play anywhere else.

Specifically set up with young, attractive female dealers at every table, viewed live to attract gambling men of all ages, these live online gaming casinos’ are perfect for males who would much rather relax and play from the comfort of home rather than bother with all the hassle of visiting a land casino.

What’s more, Live Dealer Casinos only offer a handful of select popular enjoyable games from several providers, so you do not have to waste any time trying to decide which game to play out of so many choices.

Playing live dealer Casino games brings all the action and excitement of playing in a real land casino, right to your home. Where dozens of beautiful females are at every table streaming live, online from their camera directly to your screen waiting to deal the cards out or spin the ball at roulette for your enjoyment and a chance to win some cash.

Gameplay is the same as if you were playing in a regular online non-live casino. Place your bet, which immediately displays on the dealers’ screen, so she can view it and then act.

Available Games at Live Dealer Casinos

Enjoy playing your favorite table games at Live Dealer Online Casinos. Games available at most of the live casinos for play may vary, but usually, contain the following…

• Blackjack
Of all the live table games available in gaming today, Blackjack is the most popular.
After each player places their bet, the dealer will deal out two cards to everyone including herself. Once everyone has had a chance to view his or her cards, they will have the choice between taking a hit, standing, doubling up, splitting, or — where available — surrendering. Once everyone has completed his or her turn, the dealer will flip her second card over and then complete her hand.

• Roulette
Almost everyone throughout the world is familiar with the game of Roulette. The one table game that can be played without any instructions as you can place your chips on multiple numbers, evens, odds, black, or red to try your luck. The dealer will spin the ball and pay you 35 to 1 for a direct hit or even money for anything else.

• Baccarat
Baccarat has gone over well as a live action casino game since after players place their bets the dealer performs all the actions. Players have the option to bet on player, banker, or a tie. Once bets have been made, the dealer deals two hands of two cards to each player. All hands can then ask for an additional card or stick with what they have.

• 3 Card Poker
Although 3 Card Poker is quite popular in both land and online casinos, you will only find it in a select few Live Action Casinos. The game is played against the dealer as in any poker game only this one is played with 3 cards rather than the traditional 5.

• Sic Bo
Only a few Live Dealer Casino’s offers Sic Bo, the dice game that is a favorite in Asia. Players wager on their predicted outcome of the roll of the dice and payout is based on odds and more.