BC Mobile Gambling App To Be Developed

Plans to develop a mobile gambling application for PlayNow.com is going forward with the province’s only official online gambling website. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has approved this in order to build on the success of the website.


British Columbian politicians have expressed concern over the introduction of a mobile gambling application, and the BCLC expressed the reasoning behind this is that the expansion of its online gambling site is just a product that is necessary.


Another concern that has come up over this expansion is age verification, and how to prevent underage gambling. Age verification is always going to be an issue in the industry, especially in any new projects, but history has shown that more often than not, it’s not a big problem.  The application will likely require credit card information, and other details, so it may not be as bad as everyone thinks.


Over 3,000 people log onto PlayNow.com every day, and that number keeps growing because rate of Canadians who have smartphones also keeps growing. Having a mobile device that can access PlayNow.com is a feature that users would enjoy, and it would also be more practical for people that are on the go. Nowadays, mobile devices are king when it comes to using the internet, especially because it does have internet access, and it’s right there in your hands.

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