Full Tilt Poker To Be Sold To French Tycoon?

After months of bad news, and legal problems, and financial issues, Full Tilt Poker’s prays may have been answered. Since April, specifically Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker has not been at the top of their game. Lawsuits over unpaid account balances, along with licensing problems have plagued the former online poker heavyweight champion.


Full Tilt Poker had a hearing back in June that was pushed to September, so that they could have time to find an investor or new owners. Rumours of a group of European investors looking to buy Full Tilt Poker seemed to give the gambling industry hope that maybe Full Tilt Poker would pull through, and plenty of players also hoped for new ownership too, as it meant they would more likely be paid what they are owed from their frozen accounts.


It looks like the wait might finally be over for players who are waiting to be paid back. French business tycoon, Bernard Tapie has agreed to purchase the company, and assuming the deal goes through, players will be repaid back.


There is of course a catch, and it’s not going to be so simple for Full Tilt Poker to pull off. Basically, Full Tilt Poker needs to settle their legal problems with the United States, and be in good standing with them afterwards. Hopefully Full Tilt Poker can do this, because it’s not everyday a tycoon comes along and can afford to take on a company like Full Tilt Poker.


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