Full Tilt Poker’s On Their Last Legs

Full Tilt Poker has become that sick animal that you mercifully want to euthanize. It was entertaining at first to see a big poker site that was at the top of the mountain come avalanching down, but now it’s just so painfully sad. Week after week, there has been something. Full Tilt Poker has become the gambling industry’s punching bag, but they do kind of deserve it. Full Tilt Poker really messed up, and as a result, many changes were made by governments, as well as players. In the long run, there are benefits to the changes, but it’s just such a shame that it came at the cost of Full Tilt Poker.


Last week, Full Tilt Poker’s hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission commenced in London, and lasted for a total of six days. Today marks just how terrible it went for Full Tilt Poker. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission announced today that they were revoking all of Full Tilt Poker’s licenses. That isn’t a big surprise though, after all, it’s been defunct since the end of June. If it made sense then to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission to make that move, then it makes just as much sense now.


The reason behind the revoking of Full Tilt Poker’s licenses is pretty reasonable.  Full Tilt Poker misled regulators into thinking they were running a company with integrity, but it turns out, they were doing the opposite. If the past few months has shown us anything, its that Full Tilt Poker is a scrappy fighter. We may not have heard the last of them.

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