Merge Gaming Network Illegally Allows Real Money Play

Real money play at online casinos is not illegal everywhere, but it is in the United States. Since 2006, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was enacted, online gambling has been illegal. Despite this, many people found ways to gamble online at offshore websites, and they also come up with creative ways to transfer their real money winnings into bank accounts.


Since 2006’s UIGEA, there have been many issues in regards to online gambling that have come up, from legalization, to regulation, to crackdowns on illegal sites. The biggest crackdown to date was this past April, known as Black Friday. Black Friday shook the online gambling industry across the globe, and saw the fall of a once number one ranked online poker site.


The United States Department of Justice cracked down hard on three online poker sites, and 6 months later, they still haven’t fully recovered. Full Tilt Poker still owes an outstanding balance of $115 million to their players in the United States.


Despite seeing first hand what the United States Department of Justice can do to a online gambling site, Merge Gaming Network continues to allow U.S. players to continue playing for real money, which is illegal. There are rumours that the United States Department of Justice will crackdown on Merge Gaming Network soon, also targeting their payment processors.

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