Full Tilt Poker Goes In To Details On Recent Statement

Full Tilt Poker can’t seem to go a week without making news, and unfortunately, the news hasn’t been good in the last little while. Things have gotten to the point where many online gambling news sites release a Full Tilt Poker related story every week or so, making them a topic staple.


The latest Full Tilt Poker news is on the recent statement they released. The statement was actually released by Forbes, but the odd thing is, it was supposed to be released by Pokerstrategy, according to Full Tilt Poker lawyer, Jeff Ifrah. Jeff Ifrah is the lawyer representing Full Tilt Poker’s owners, and other members against a class action lawsuit from jilted players.


Despite the mix up with the press release, the statement has been posted. The mix up is minor compared to the long laundry list of issues they’ve had for awhile now. In the statement, readers find out that Full Tilt Poker’s problems began long before Black Friday, and in actuality, they were blindsided by what took place April 15th, even though they knew that the United States government had issues with them. There’s also mention of a substantial theft, to the tune of $42 million from disgraced Australian payment processing figure, Daniel Tzvetkoff.


The last paragraph of the statement talks about how there have been interested investors who have gone so far as to make a trip to Dublin to go over the books, but no deal has materialized. One can’t help but assume the worst for Full Tilt Poker. This once high and mighty online poker operator has taken a huge fall, and when you’re this down and out, is there any point in getting up? Full Tilt Poker’s only hope is to get an investor soon, and even then, it might be too late to salvage the once great poker site.

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