Online Gambling Ads Limited On Facebook

As a free user social networking platform, Facebook makes its revenue through advertisements like any other site out there. They also have Ad Guidelines which say who can advertise what on their site.


Now Facebook wants to spread its wings, and expand their advertising into other industries. With a reach of millions, this is the dream location for all corporations and companies to advertise. 


Now with the expansion of advertisements from other industries, Facebook has announced new policy changes for its Ad Guidelines. Online and offline gambling advertisements are also accounted for in the new policy changes being made. With online gambling, some conditions do apply.


All over the world, online gambling is legal and illegal. For Facebook to allow online gambling advertisements, they’ll have to follow local laws closely, and get specific authorization and consent. Licensed or government sponsored lottery commissions will be allowed to advertise on Facebook. The ads may only target users in the jurisdiction in which the gambling is available.


For example, since it’s illegal to gamble in the United States, no gambling advertisements will be targeted to U.S. users, whereas in Canada where it is legal to gamble online, gambling advertisements can be targeted to Canadians. Of course, the gambling advertisements should be applicable to the area, so no advertisements for online casinos for the province of Nova Scotia in Ontario.


This move by Facebook will be very lucrative for them, but they’ll have to tread very carefully.

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