Government Might Want Full Tilt Poker Players To Pay For Winnings

Black Friday is still affecting poker players in the United States. It’s bad enough that Full Tilt Poker has been put through the wringer, but now its former U.S. players might also be.


It’s bad enough that once Black Friday hit, there were no poker sites left for poker players to even play at, which for many, took away their income. It’s even crappier that Full Tilt Poker still owes it’s U.S players a total of $150 million that they still have not received. Here’s the next blow: Former U.S. players of Full Tilt Poker might have to pay TAX on their winnings. That’s right, tax!


Sad but true, it is a possibility. The worst part is that there’s even a legal loophole for the United States government to pull this off. The government could claim that the money credited to accounts of players could be considered “constructive receipts” for winnings. The possibility that players could soon be forced to pay taxes on their Full Tilt Poker winnings is strong. Think about how much revenue the government stands to bring in. With the debt crisis going on, it sure would pay quite a chunk of debt off.


If taxation for Full Tilt Poker winnings does happen, there’ll be chaos. Not only have U.S. poker players not been paid back from Full Tilt Poker, they’ll have to pay for the winnings they have received? What about the winnings that they are owed? Would they have to pay taxes on that as well, when and if they receive it?

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