Illinois Governor Not Signing On Gambling Expansion

It’s a rocky time for the gambling industry and legalization in the United States. There are so many reasons to expand gambling operations, such as more tax revenue for the state and nation, and it’s what the public wants, isn’t it? There are also many reasons why the public and lawmakers are opposed to gambling expansion, after all, it could lead to more gambling addiction, underage gambling, and more personal debt for individuals.

The Chief of Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn are at odds with each other. The reason being is that the Mayor of Chicago is all for a gambling expansion bill, and the Governor of Illinois is not. The bill that is awaiting the Governor of Illinois’ authorization would see to it that Illinois and Chicago become a major player in the gambling industry, with an expansion on city-owned casinos and slot machines at O’Hare and Midway Airports in Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has attempted to coax Governor Pat Quinn to his side, but has failed to do so. The Mayor does understand the Governor’s reluctance to sign the bill, and has made a note of that, but he has also talked about the infrastructure crisis that has been created from the withdrawal of state and federal funding.

With the way things have been going lately in terms of gambling expansion in the United States, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of gambling expansion in Chicago.

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