Canadian Online Poker Players Also Suffer

Not a day seems to go by in poker news where it isn’t mentioned that online poker players in the United States are still owed money since Black Friday. Specifically from Full Tilt Poker.

One of the three sites that were seized on Black Friday by the U.S. Department of Justice, was Absolute Poker’s site. Somehow, Absolute Poker managed to pay back all of their players to the tune of $120 million. Full Tilt Poker has an outstanding debt of $150 million owed to it’s U.S. players.

Enter Canada. Canadians played on those three sites that were seized on Black Friday. They are owed money too. No amount has been released, but it could be part of that $150 million that is owed to the U.S from Full Tilt Poker. Online Canadian poker players would have had to register for a U.S. account in order to play, so that could very well be the case.

Legally, online gambling is offered in Canada by the provincial government in British Columbia and Quebec. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec is reviewing to see what can be done about Full Tilt Poker.

Last Friday was the last day for players to file a claim for money owed to them. Hopefully players will start getting some money back soon.

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