Gambling Expansion In U.S. Not As Bad As Thought

Online gambling is changing around the world. Regulations and laws are undergoing a huge transformation, and will continue to do so for the next couple of years. One country that online gambling is changing in is the United States. Although not all states are on the online gambling wagon, it’s going to happen sooner or later. As with any big changes to a country, there’s growing concern over the expansion of gambling to the online sector and how it will affect the public.

The District of Columbia had some big changes underway up until this week. These big changes included plans to release the first-in-the-nation online gambling system in the autumn, and launching an online game demo at the end of the month. Since those plans have both been halted, there has been no further announcements as to when they’ll be underway.

With the growing concern for the public, there is now research that debunks the concern. According to a Harvard Medical School associate professor, the effect of expanding the gambling industry to the online sector would be minimal. Despite the growth and expansion of the gambling industry over the past 35 years, problem gamblers amount to .06%, which is lower than the .07% it was 35 years ago.

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