WSOP Player Highlight: Manoj Viswanathan

This year’s World Series of Poker has been exceptional. With an outstanding top prize, and plenty of players, it’s been unexpectedly more successful than industry experts would’ve thought. Despite the dampening affect of Black Friday, the player turnout did not suffer too much, and over 6,000 players signed up for WSOP.

In the past, the World Series of Poker champs were Jonathan Duhamel, Joe Cada and Peter Eastgate. They all got their poker playing start online, and from there, ended up going to WSOP and winning the tournament.

That could all change this year, with a new champion. A strong contender is WSOP’s Main Event Day 4 chip leader, Manoj Viswanathan. An attorney from New York, 26 year old Manoj Viswanathan has a sizable chip lead that makes people think he could really go far at WSOP, maybe even win the tournament. Viswanathan start in poker was not the typical ‘learned to play poker online’ deal. Instead it was much more old school than that, actually learning to play in real life during his college years at MIT, and continually playing afterwards into his law school years at NYU.

If Viswanathan wins this year, he would break the streak of WSOP champs that’ve started playing poker online first. He’s looking to win this year’s Gold Bracelet, and by the looks of it, he just might!

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