Marvel Settles Dispute with Cryptologic

Marvel Comics and Cryptologic have come to a solution in their month-long legal battle. The verdict seems to satisfying for both parties, and allows them to continue working together to create exciting, new branded slots games.

The two companies entered into a partnership together early in the decade. As part of the deal, Cryptologic was given the rights to Marvel’s characters and was allowed to create online slots games based on them. The games were a huge success and the two companies had a very prosperous relationship.

However, things went sour when Cryptologic discovered that Marvel had granted the rights to its characters to other online gambling companies like PlayTech. It was then that the legal battle began, as Cryptologic felt that Marvel was violating the terms of their contract.

After a long-month of proceedings behind closed doors, the two companies agreed to settle by modifying the terms of their contracts. Now, the deal is no longer “exclusive”, meaning that Marvel can license its games to other casino software developers. But the agreement has not hindered Marvel’s progress with Cryptologic, as they have announced the release of a new Avengers online slots game.

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